45-minutes of INSANITY (the good kind)

Let me start off by saying that fitness has always been my "forte" (#humblebrag). On any given week my workouts transition between high-intensity power yoga classes, running along the Toronto waterfront, spinning at RIDE or SoulCycle and playing co-ed soccer. I like to change things up by doing a lot of different activities so that my body doesn't get too comfortable and also, so I don't get bored!

I've always been (overly) obsessed with health and fitness. I love pushing my body and seeing my edge, I love sweating so much that I can no longer see because there's salt in my eyes AND I live for the chills I get when everyone is riding on the same wave. I've never experienced a problem with staying motivated or committed to my workouts, but I have definitely felt the desire to become more challenged.

Which brings me to the point of this entire post- I'm really excited to share with you a Toronto based fitness find that I am totally (and newly) obsessed with- it's called F45 Training (Liberty Village) & here's why you need to know about it.

OK so I know what you're thinking.... Another gym- what could be so different about this one? I mean, I've been to my fair share of gyms, studios, boxes, etc. and this is definitely one worth reading about. ***And before I go on... NO! THIS IS NOT CROSSFIT!***

F45 (F= Functional Training & 45= 45-minutes), founded in Australia is a high intensity interval training group workout. The concept is simple: 45-minute high intensity circuit training workout class, which focuses on the full body. Let's break it down. The workouts change daily and include a wide range of exercises including; cardio (biking, jumping, sprints), strength training (kettlebells, medicine balls, battle ropes), agility (speed ladder, box jumps, tuck jumps) and the list goes on.

Why you'll love it

1. No workout is ever the same!

And it really isn't. Everyday is different, always evolving and most importantly, never the same thing. There's no chance in France that you could ever be bored @ F45 based on the variety of over 3,000 exercises you have access too (yep, I said it, 3,000!). Everyday is unique and you'll never really know what you're in for (now isn't that fun?).

To be honest, I've never really been a *gym person*, but I do know that my body would really benefit from incorportaing strength training. Whenever do I go to my condo gym I literally just end up running on the treadmill, doing some light ab exercises, then leaving. WOMP WOMP.

At F45 I'm consistently being challenged and put to the test. After I leave the workout my body is in a ton muscular pain for the next few days. This actually makes me happy because it means that it's working and that I have a long way to go.

2. the people #FitFam

As a young female it can be super intimidating to walk into a new space. I definitely feared not knowing anyone and I was terrified that I would have zero idea of what I'm doing and look silly. 

What's great about F45 is that it's totally suitable for all fitness levels. You can make the workout as easy or as difficult as you want. The tools are there, but it's up to you to use them!

Jarrett, Phill, Umi and team are beyond welcoming. I literally want to keep training here to be their friends lol. The atmosphere is really different than a traditional gym environment. During one class this week I really wasn't getting one of the stations and Umi (the trainer), ended up doing the entire circuit with me while I mimicked him. 

The music is bumping, everyone is friendly + sweaty and the people are fun / fit. #HOTDUDESALERT !!!

3. the app / technology

Isn't technology everything these days? The F45 app is definitely something worth mentioning. It's super user friendly and functional (and isn't that the point). The app makes booking classes, canceling classes and waitlisting classes easy peasy- especially for someone like me whose schedule changes every 2.5 seconds. There's also an app specific to the 8-week challenge I'm signed up for as well. The challenge app provides a full meal plan and daily tracker. But I have to say, the weekly grocery shopping guidelines has to be my favourite feature!

4.  it's organized chaos 

Yeah, that's right... To help navigate you through the class, each station is displayed on a TV around the room. You basically learn how to do your workout by watching your circuit # on the TV. At first I thought this concept was super odd.. like, shouldn't an instructor be helping? But actually that's what makes this system work. The trainers demonstrate every movement before the class begins, then they walk around throughout the class to assist you with form and the other technical stuff. You kind of have to experience it to know what I mean (aka go try it for yourself).

5. the results

You get what you give. I know I've only been at this for about a week or so, but I already feel 120% better about myself since starting. I first joined back in the winter on a 2-week free trail. Now I've signed for the 8-week Define Challenge to help prepare me for the summer. If you want to get fit and shed body fat then I consider trying this place out for yourself. No, I'm not getting paid to say this, but I am partnering with them on their social media so follow @F45LibertyVillage on Instagram & Facebook for more!

P.s. sign up for the 2-week FREE trail on their website so you actually understand what I'm getting at ;) You really have nothing to lose except a kick-ass summer body.

Namaste ✌️

Thailand stole my heart

    Let me just start off by saying that Thailand has officially kicked my case of "wanderlust" into super high gear. Enough time has passed that I have finally allowed my full experience to settle, sink in and be absorbed from the aftershock. After a ton of reflecting on my twenty five hour plane ride home (and every single day since), a large part of me doesn’t even believe that this experience actually happened. Deciding to embark on this journey was by far the most spontaneous, impromptu, go with the flow type things that I have ever done and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have experienced all that I did in this majestic country. After getting a very small but broad glimpse into this insanely beautiful part of the world, it’s easy to see why so many people spend their hard earned money & time exploring the country and then never return! My biggest problem now is wanting to go back and explore Thailand even further, tap into all the places i missed and this time, stay even longer. There is still so much to be seen. After all, this was the trip of a lifetime so there's no way I won't be heading back there in the near future. 

Nui Bay (Island off of Ko Phi Phi)

Nui Bay (Island off of Ko Phi Phi)

Before fleeing Canada and jet setting off to this far away land, I did my due diligence and bothered a ton of friends who had already been to Thailand and asked them to send me a list of their Thailand travel recommendations. This way I could essentially copy their trips and not miss out on anything for myself (smart plan, right?)! Since I've now been for myself I thought I would do the same on my blog and share some of my experiences in each place that we stayed throughout the journey. This could get a little long.. but if you're planning on going to Thailand try to stick with me! 


Patong Beach Sunset, Phuket

Patong Beach Sunset, Phuket

Stayed at Novotel Phuket Beach Resort (Patong beach). Flew into Phuket from YYZ (25 hour flight connecting in Shanghai) then 45 minute taxi drive from Phuket Airport to the resort on Patong Beach (main beach in Phuket).

I personally think that Phuket was a great intro to Thailand so I'm really happy that I started here instead of Bangkok. The resort was literally less than a 3-minute walk to the main beach strip, which couldn't have worked out better for us. Patong beach is SO lively!!! Plenty of street vendors and beach massages to go round. You can buy anything you can imagine down the side alley streets where they sell clothing, food, monkeys (haha), souvenirs, etc. We stayed here for 3 nights/4 days – Probably 1 day too many in my opinion. I loved the location of our resort because it allowed me to run up and down the beach during sunset. The sunset beach runs are definitely a top highlight of my trip.


  • Patong Beach Night Market (get ready for lady boys galore!)
  • Run down the beach board walk & back (about 10km there and back)
  • Tiger Kingdom (but not if you're an animal rights activist)
  • Kok Chang Elephant Trekking (they use baskets on the elephants which i found out later was really inhumane as well)
  • Rent jet skis and go joy riding!!!
  • Local bars - so many to chose from and such cheap draanksss
  • Have dinner at a beach bar on Patong Beach (the one we found was picture perfect)
  • Try out so many different restaurants (no shortage of food here! & they offer MUCH more then just Thai)

We missed going to James Bond Island, which was an excursion that I really wanted to do but we couldn’t do everything in the short time we had. Also missed going to a famous Ping Pong show.. not going to explain what that is but we decided against it... LOL.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi Island

My most favorite place ever in Thailand!!! We stayed at P.P Casita, a very cute, but very small individual bungalow style resort. I was happy there. It had everything we needed and we weren't in our lil bungalow very much anyway.

To get to Koh Phi Phi Island we took a day boat tour from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi then got off at Koh Phi Phi and stayed on the island while the boat went back to Phuket (I highly recommend this – great way to see all of the little islands on the way there!). Our boat tour stopped at Mosquito Island & Monkey Beach 1.

The next day we rented a kayak for 4-5 hours and toured around Phi Phi Island ourselves as much as we possibly could – this was really BY FAR the best day of the entire trip. We got a little lost on the Kayak but the sun was shining and it was so much fun. We stopped at Nui Beach (MUST SEE – favorite spot of the trip - check my Instagram for photos) & Monkey Beach 2 (yes, there’s two! One is an actual beach and the other is a cove with Monkeys in the trees – bring food aka bananas and they'll love ya). We also found a really cool hidden cave we didn’t know existed. It was honestly so nice being out on the open water in 30+ degree weather.

We stayed on Phi Phi Island for two nights total but most definitely could have done four or five nights here. A lot of people told me to stay there longer but I really didn’t know what it was all about before actually going and experiencing it for myself. If I go back (which I WILL), I'll probably do at least four nights on Phi Phi Island. The day following the kayaks we rented a Long Tail Boat (for 60 CAD) with our own personal driver. He took us to the famous “Maya Bay” & "Long Beach” spots also one other beach that I forget the name. Long tail boats are so fun & I feel they’re so authentic to Thailand – also a must do! Koh Phi Phi is mostly a huge party land so if you ain't into that scene stay clear! Everyone is very young and very fun. There’s no elephants or tigers here but so much fun & endless things to do just by staying on and around the island itself.


  • Must try bucket’s!!!! Not going to lie, I think I only had one during the time I was there and it was most definitely enough!!! Make sure you get the ones with sealed lids and you pour them in yourself (but seriously be careful because they’re deadly).
  • Get a bamboo tattoo! You can get one literally on every corner & I got one, obviously!
  • Go to DoJo’s, Stockholm Syndrome and Slinky’s Beach Bar- they have an insane fire show! We ate dinner right next to Slinky’s on the beach and this crazy thing happened in the middle of the ocean where the tide was so far back you could walk on the water!! Very insane but such a cool thing to experience.
  • Full day booze cruise - we actually missed this but I keep hearing how much we missed out on this one so try to find it!

It takes one full day to get from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Samui... 2 buses + 2 boats = death while hung over – I literally puked all over the buss hahaha not kidding. sorry Scott!!!


Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui

Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui

Stayed at New Star Beach Resort  (MUST STAY HERE) !!!!! I 100% recommend this resort.. you get treated like actual royalty!! It wasn't exactly on the beach or anything but we had scooters to ride so the distance was more than okay for us! We stayed here for three nights and I probably could have stayed one or two more days! I felt like I saw a lot but I really enjoyed our hotel and we never got to use the infinity pool like i wanted too.

I LOVE Koh Samui! At the time I was feeling super frazzled and sick but the traveling hell was all worth it in the end. This island had a little bit of everything and the airport is absolutely gorgeous, I've never seen anything like it - the island is totally set up for tourists. There’s beautiful beaches, night life, and SCOOTERS! This is one place that I definitely need to come back to revisit. While I was here I did some yoga at the Vikasa Yoga Retreat, which totally made my entire trip & the trek worthwhile. I need to come back to this place with some girl friends so they can experience it, too. It was more beautiful in real life then you can even imagine and no photo can do this place justice.

Must do in koh samui:

Check out Chewang Beach, hot oil/Thai beach massages, Nu Muang Waterfall & rent scooters. The downtown area is super lively/busy with lots to see & many places to eat.. it was so hard to choose just one! We didn’t get to Big Buddha statue because Scott had already seen it/I wasn’t too interested in going there anyway. One thing I was a little bit bummed about is the "Ang Thong Marine Park", which was a huge day trip that we missed. Try to look into this - I think it would be a worth while day trip pending the weather because it was raining for us.

It was a long, bumpy and dangerous 2.5 hour boat ride from Ko Samui to Ko Tao that we had absolute TERRIBLE weather for... it was raining, cold, wet and everyone was sick on the boat ride over. ew

Koh Tao

Stayed at Koh Tao Resort but I would not recommend this one. By far one of the best views on the island (once it stopped raining) but very far away from the main Sairee Beach strip. We stayed in Koh Tao for two nights and that was long enough for us. Maybe because it was due to the fact that it was raining the entire time we were there so we didn’t get the full Ko Tao experience that we had hoped for! 

Koh Tao island is best known for it's diving as it has one of the best dive schools in the entire world. It was raining for the entire time we were on the island so we didn’t really bother with it since the water wouldn’t have been clear enough for us to experience the diving like we wanted too.

While we were in Koh Tao we met up with two of my good friends from back home, which made it all the more fun! It's always so cool to see friends you know from home in another country. The only place I really wanted to explore while in Koh Tao was a little spot called Koh Nang Yuan. Koh Nang Yuan is a famous look out point that involves hiking to the top of a steep hill to get to the top. The cool thing about this site is you are able to see a large part of the island divided by a path of sandy beach! I found this spot on Instagram when I was searching must see’s in Thailand so regardless of the rain I knew we had to check it out for ourselves. We ended up going to this site by a personal long tail boat ride and had it been nicer weather, it would have been an incredible day spent on the beach with turquoise views!

Overall Koh Tao was very much chill, laid back, hippy vibes. I found it super relaxing with lots of fun places to eat, drink and share some laughs. I even found some yoga - but when don’t I find yoga? The rain actually gave me some time to get my work done. Even though I was traveling Thailand I was still putting in lots of time working each day. One really cool cafe type spot we found was called Koppee Espresso Bar. We almost spend an entire day there when it was raining just eating endless amounts of muesli and overdosing on coffees :) The island has these bar hop adventures that they offer on Monday, Wednesday & Friday’s. We didn’t take part in the pub crawl because we were preparing our bodies for Full Moon Party the following day but it looked like it could have been a lot of fun!

It is a 1.5-hour long boat ride from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan and once again, it was yet another terrible boat ride that involved everyone being sea sick… including us!!! The rain, heavy waves and high winds made it so rocky on the boat that everyone ended up puking either into bags or off the side… YOU’VE BEEN WARNED PEOPLE!

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

So last but maybe the most memorable of all, Ko Phangan. We stayed at Haadlad Prestige Resort in Koh Phangan. A very long 45 minutes away from the famous Full Moon Party/Haad Rin Beach and I would absolutely NOT recommend the resort. Regardless of price stay somewhere on Haad Rin Beach, that’s where all of the action is and the 45-minute scooter ride was very inconvenient for getting back and fourth. We booked so last minute that all the near by hotels filled up because of the Full Moon Party so we got stuck pretty far away.

The island, similar to all of the islands I visited in Thailand was beautiful. On the night we arrived went to one of the most incredible restaurants I have ever experienced in my life called Koh Raham/ Haad Son. The restaurant was situated on the bay of Thailand and overlooked the ocean. This place was literally a JUNGLE in every sense of the word. I can’t really explain it because trying to emulate the experience of this restaurant would never do it justice. You literally just have to go here and see it for yourself. Picture you were in the middle of the amazon but it had with rope swings, white twinkling lights and deep house music? Probably doesn’t make much sense to you but I will never forget the feeling I felt when leaving this place. It was the feeling of needing to experience it again, only this time, for the sunset. Oh, and the company wasn't too bad either!

 Ko Phangan was great, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting it to be. The island is huge and I think the main reason people go there is strictly for the Full Moon Party because it's filled with tourists (more so then the other islands from what I could tell). Since we weren't staying near the party itself I feel like we kind of missed out on the entire Koh Phangan experience. We planned to stay here on December 24th then attend the Full Moon Party on the 25th, but our plans were slightly changed when Scott got terribly sick (food poisoning!!!!!) and we sadly didn’t end up making it to the party that night. Safe to say it was a very interesting Christmas for the both of us aha! Looking back, all that really mattered was that we were both together and safe because that situation could have turned out lot worse then it did!

Overall Ko Phangan did not do it for me. I mean, it did because it was Thailand and it was incredible, but compared to Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi I don’t know if I would go back. The only way I would feel like going again was if I was back there to experience the party that we had missed. It was definitely an unfortunate way to end the trip but it was a small set back in the gran scheme of how incredible this journey truly was.

From Ko Phangan we took a 1 1/2-hour boat ride to Ko Samui where we then took a flight from Koh Samui Airport back to Phuket. From there I left for Toronto & that ended my fairy tail Thailand adventure. I flew back to Toronto and Scott continued (and is still continuing) on his on journey through Asia, Australia, etc. 

Koh Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi Island

Koh Nang Yung, Ko Tao

Koh Nang Yung, Ko Tao

Kok Chang Elephant Trekking, Phuket (Scott's photo)

Kok Chang Elephant Trekking, Phuket (Scott's photo)

 my Five biggest learning's while traveling in Thailand

1)    Thailand is not as inexpensive as everyone says it is. I mean yes, if you want to eat meat and noodles off the street from vendors then you can definitely find a way to spend zero dollars here. In our case, we stayed at all extremely nice/clean resorts, went out for dinner every single night, we did every excursion we could find, and the list goes on. This trip for me was most definitely not cheap (or as cheap as I thought it would be). If you want to experience all that Thailand has to offer you will need some money to do so... sorry to crush your dreams!

2)    NOTHING IS CLOSE BY!!! Before starting this journey I was under this impression that getting from place to place was going to be a damn walk in the park. REALITY CHECK - it was most certainly not! Each destination took at least a half day of traveling to get too. For example; The bus and/or driver will pick you up from your hotel at least 2.5 hours before you need to catch a boat to your next destination. The boat you're taking will leave at least 30-min to 1hr late (every time..guaranteed) then the boat ride itself will take anywhere between 2-5 hours from island to island (if the weather is good). Next you have the struggle of getting off of the boat with 1000 other people/luggage and finding a way to your hotel. In some cases, the hotels are an hour or more away, then there’s the process of arriving, checking in, unpacking and you catch my drift. Just don’t underestimate how far these places are from each other. Biggest learning… Do your research beforehand so you can factor in the length of time it will take you to travel, duh!

3)   SCOOTERS BEWARE. Scooter's were all fun and games till i tried to take one up a steep, muddy hill alone then fell off and lightly scraped the side part of one. I was totally unharmed but upon returning the bike the next day we were forced to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the two scuff marks UNDERNEATH the bike. This obviously still doesn't bug me at all anymore... aha It was very annoying and the worst part is that they keep your passport when you rent the bike so that when these situations happen, you're basically screwed. Not going to lie, stealing the passport in the middle of the night and ditching the scooter crossed my mind more then just once!

4)  Thailand is the most magical place on earth and I need to get back there again soon. I would love to spend some more time exploring South East Asia. Since returning from this trip I've done some research into Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and they're now all on my "list". I really learned so much from taking this spontaneous this trip. I used to have a very poor idea of what South East Asia would be like before ever actually going there for myself. For a long time I didn’t even want to travel there because all I could think about was “I can’t eat noodles everyday…what about my yoga..” and other stupid misconceptions such as those. Thailand has so much more to offer then pretty beaches and Pad Thai (which I didn't even eat once, btw). The entire essence of the culture and way of living there are all things that I find difficult to describe. I learned a lot about myself during this short trip. A lot of things were really put into perspective for me such as how little I really need to feel happy, whole and content. Also how much I genuinely enjoy traveling, exploring, seeking new adventures and being in the presence of good company.

5) Speaking of good company... Good company is everything!!! Scott was by far the most perfect person I could have ever traveled with to Thailand, even though I didn’t know him too well beforehand. I was actually so surprised at how well we connected, literally in every sense. Our travel compatibility was "on point", to say the least. We were completely on the same page on our adventure and it made traveling together so much easier and stress free for the both of us (#goals). I really can’t say enough great things about the person he is and how much I truly admire him after getting to know him as I did, and essentially living with him for the duration of this trip. He totally helped bring out a light, playful and spontaneous side of myself that I absolutely loved and will always hold onto. I can proudly say that I learned more from my time with Scott in two weeks then I have ever learned from anyone... ever. Everything about him is so uniquely fascinating to me I kept wanting to know more and more! It's always fun getting to know someone so different then yourself. Most importantly, I really could not have done this trip in the same way without him. When I say I “left my heart in Thailand” I actually mean it.

By far the hardest part of my entire journey to Thailand was surprisingly not the twenty-five-hour flight there, but the final goodbye. Getting on that plane home had me feeling like I was walking away from the best memories of my whole life. I will forever hold this experience near and dear to my heart and I truly recommend Thailand to anyone and everyone who is blessed with the opportunity to go. I hope this post gave you some good insights into your trip to Thailand and if you have any questions about money, resorts, etc. I am more than happy to answer them for you!

Safe travels & happy journey wherever it may lead you


Haadlad Prestige Resort - Koh Phangan

Haadlad Prestige Resort - Koh Phangan


This week I had the honour of being apart of my friend Geralyn's second "Freedom Feature". I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I was asked to be apart of this spot light on inspiration women! Thank you Geralyn for believing in me. You are such a kind hearted soul. Thank you for acknowledging me! xoxo


Check out Geralyn's website @ http://geralynpower.com !!! PS. Geralyn is the person who taught me how to handstand!!! 

Everyday for the next 10 days Geralyn will be featuring women who inspire. Women who strive to help other women succeed. Women who embrace community, connection and sisterhood. Women who share their talents with the world in hopes of inspiring other Women to do the same. Soak it all in and be inspired!

My responses:

WHAT FREEDOM MEANS TO ME: the ability to be open, giving, and accepting of others and myself. To be free is to be without restriction. My sense of [freedom] comes out mostly through my personal creativity when working with my website, my yoga practice, and in my dance moves on the weekends!#alwaysdancing Freedom is subjective. I feel the freest when I am doing something that I am passionate about. When I am in this free space I feel limitless and can see my full possibility. When I am truly free I can show up wherever I am as my true self and be fully expressed- imperfections and all. When I am living in freedom I can get messy, loud, bold, and be powerful without living in the ‘fear of looking good’. 

HOW I CRUSH FEAR: I crush fear by facing it head on (in most cases). When something scares me in my life I try my best to work at it full force until I can master it or become more confident about what it is that scares me. For the longest time I had a fear of writing. I felt that my words weren’t important and I was very embarrassed by anyone and everyone who would read them. I am now in a place of peace with writing and I can happily be on display for the world to see who I am and what I stand for. My website has helped me take a stand for myself and shine through in areas that I once felt insecure. “Your words create your world”. 

MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE AND WHAT IT TAUGHT ME: My biggest obstacle in life is to allow things to happen without trying to control them. It seems I have become someone who likes to have a solid structure and full control of what’s happening in my life at all times. When things do not go as planned, I have to work extra hard on taking a step back from whatever it is that is happening and coming back to my tools- such as breathing, responding vs. reacting, and getting space. My usual instinct is to freak out about the situation and act impulsively, but now my body and breath remind to stay calm, be patient, listen, and respond with compassion. After going through a few life-changing experiences over the course of the past year I have become more in tune with who I am being in my life for myself and for others. Sometimes when my life gets shaken up and things don’t go as ‘planned’ all I can do is stay present and trust that everything will work itself out. This is a daily work in progress for me as I definitely fall back into my old ways from time to time. But, I now have the ability to recognize when I am falling into the place of needing to know the outcome and because of this I can help myself out of trying to always be in control. Trusting the process has always been challenging for me- especially when I tend to dislike the unknowingness of the outcome. At the end of the day I believe that everything truly happens for a reason and whether or not I like the outcome- it is up to me to create my own light, positive energy, and possibility for myself.

I'M THANKFUL FOR: In light of speaking to the present moment- right now in my life I feel the most thankful for my experience of yoga teacher training over the past six months. My yoga-training journey comes to a close tomorrow evening and right now I feel so thankful and light up with so much joy and gratitude for all of the people that I have met, and for the experiences I have undergone throughout the entire process. In the past six months I have learned more about myself, and the person that I want to be for the world throughout every day life. I have become more courageous, confidant, powerful, and positive throughout this whole journey. I have learned how to shift my being into responding versus reacting. I have altered my perspective on the strength that it takes to truly be vulnerable and share parts of myself that I once tried to hide. I am thankful that I had the chance to experience the important learning of being true to myself and acting with authenticity and integrity. I am thankful that I can now feel confident in sharing my passions, hobbies, and goals without hesitation. Mainly the teacher training wasn’t so much about just yoga for me, (although we also learned that). For me, it was a total breakthrough in really seeing how I want to live my life and show up for people. I am thankful that I was able to have this journey and experience all of the ups and downs with so many tremendous people along the way. Ps. The training never stops- this is just the beginning! 

WHAT I VALUE MOST ABOUT ME IS: What I value the most about myself is something that I have just recently discovered over the past few weeks. I recognize that I place a very high value on my ability to connect with different people on all different levels. I enjoy getting to know people. I love to learn about them, ask them questions and ultimately connect with them. I find that I can relate to the majority of people that I talk to on some sort of level. I always tend to be in question and curiosity when interacting with others. Even in my relationships with close friends and family members, I always want to know more about what big things they’re up too and genuinely listen, and show compassion. My relationships with the people I have in my life allow me to feel whole and complete. I believe that this ability of making connection with others has brought me to where I am standing today. It has been a successor for myself in my life and I believe that is has great value, which has contributed to my overall listening and ability to be there for another person.

::: THANKS beauty Kylie for sharing your shine, your website, your recipes and your spirit. Mad love girl! :::



Daily News Project is a local Toronto based brand who is asking for help in playing a small roll in solving the water crisis around the globe. Not only making a difference locally, but also on a world-wide scale by stepping into action with their new campaign. Please support my friends in there journey to make a difference in something much bigger than themselves. 

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"