Living in gratitude, everyday.

How often do you find yourself living and thinking in judgement or comparison of others? "I'll be so much happier when I make X amount of money... everything will be better for me when I get X job position or achieve X specific body or travel to X side of the world.... or retire...etc.". The truth is that the majority of us are guilty of living with these thoughts and mentality on a daily basis. Reality check: there will always be something else, something more and it might never be "enough", even if and when you do finally reach the goal you set out to achieve.

Striving for absolute perfection is only a fantasy that can never and will never be attained. When we compare ourselves to ideas such as perfection we will only be left with disappointment, resentment and frustration. Having awareness of your thought patterns is an important step to recognizing that you are living in a perpetual chase. Become more present and recognize when your mind wonders far out into the future with thoughts such as: "once this (insert specific thing) happens things will be better/good/great/perfect/etc". It's great to set goals, achieve goals, be motivated and inspired but not at the mercy of putting yourself down, judging and belittling yourself. If you continue to compare your life to an unrealistic fantasy that you've created in your own head, you will never win the game.

Today, I urge you to take a step back and realize how far you have come on your own journey. Every little step that you've taken has been a step thats brought you to where you are today. "If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are content you are living in the present".

Realize that there will always be someone somewhere that has already obtained something that you want or are working towards. Understand that the person you are comparing yourself against is on a very different path/journey then you are. Good things take time... relationships, careers, Instagram captions, etc. lol. Don't rush the process- it's half the fun! You get what you get when the time is right and when you are attracting "it" into your life. Everything that happens in your life is manifested by you on some level and some frequency. Every single thing that happens in your life serves a particular purpose. Whether it be to grow, learn, teach, expand or inspire. Use the law of attraction to your advantage and start being grateful for your current life- realize that everything that is happening right now is serving you in some way- instead of wishing, hoping and praying for something different.