High(er) Vibes


Let's get right into it!

Twenty seventeen has taken me on a journey of personal empowerment and a desire to vibrate on a *higher frequency*, as they say. I never thought that turning twenty five would actually shift my perspective and paradigms in all areas of my life as it has. In the most literal sense, my current situation is the last place I thought I would ever be at twenty five, and I'm SO damn grateful for it. This year alone I feel like I've already accomplished so much for myself and made some very positives shifts. Starting with leaving my full-time *corporate* gig where I was SEVERALLY unhappy/unfulfilled, deciding to move to Australia, deciding to stay in Toronto and NOT flee to Australia, met an incredible man at soccer, took six personal trips across three countries and rekindled old and broken friendships. All these combined have lead me to building on the best-most-incredible-life-experiences-of-all-time. In short, it's been a year to remember, filled withrealizations and shifts in perspective to say the least. My old vision of success, health and fulfillment has totally evolved and I couldn't be happier or more grateful for what I've learned along this journey. I am living, breathing proof that things happen and come into and out of our lives only once the time is right. 

In effort to continue building the very best version of myself, I'm continuing to seek new ways that I am able to learn, grow, become inspired, more knowledgable and fulfilled. What does this mean for me? This year, instead of filling up my alone + personal time with playing music or the ol' netflix & chill, I've been reading, listening to podcasts, watching Ted Talk videos, and exploring just about everything and anything else that I can grow from...


Background Story: Two years ago (December 2015) I took a three week trip to Asia with my *friend* Scott who was newly emerging into a career in FX trading and world travel (side note: Thailand still remains my favourite place I've ever traveled + the best trip of my life). Anyway, Scotts distant mentor & trading coach is a little Aussie man named Lewis Mocker, who owns a company called Infinit Prosperity. Since hanging around Scott so often throughout the trip I was totally captivated by learning and hearing everything to do with trading, mindset and the industry in general. I wish this story ended with me telling you that I've now learned how to FX trade and I'm a billionaire, but sadly, it doesn't. What did happen though was I was so inspired by the Lewis Mocker trading guy that I became low key obsessed with watching all of this videos and learning from his teachings. This was and still is a really pivotal moment for me because I realized that I actually was blindly following social constructs and norms without even being aware of it. Everything I've learned from him surrounds stopping and asking yourself questions and not necessarily blindly following the status quo. This whole idea of self awareness is not new to me as I had the privilege of learning a lot about this when I did my yoga teacher training back in 2013. Even still, it definitely wasn't something I was practicing regularly. 


What have gained by filling myself with this new content & experience: I've learned that having a mentor (even one untouchable through the internet) is one of the most vital gifts you can give yourself to become empowered and take your experience here on earth to the next level. Dig deep and consider who it is that you learn from just by simply being in their presence. Is there someone currently in your life who has an incredible self awareness and impact that can help transcend any corrupt mindset you may have latched onto? My boyfriend Keyah is a great example of a person that has the ability to alter my mindset and simply by being around him. Literally one conversation with him will spiral into a full blown self awakening. Once while we were together traveling through Lagos, Portugal, I became so overwhelmed regarding one of our conversations and all that I was learning, that I had a full on panic attack + breakdown and bawled my eyes out for several hours- true story! Sounds scary, but was actually so invigorating, empowering and enlighening at the same time. Finding a mentor for yourself doesn't have to be some faraway distant experience, it can be someone you admire and aspire in a personal or professional sense.

If you're at all interested in seeing what all the hypes about then I invite you to meet Lewis Mocker, Founder of Infinite Prosperity. Lewis teaches, shares, inspires & guides. My friend introduced me to him while traveling and I have been hooked on his Lewis Mocker methods ever since. I strongly resonate with his teachings and I want you to feel the same. My favourite channel to watch Lewis is over Snap Chat. He engages daily in "Mini Lessons", where he will uncover and breakdown some of life's questions regarding financial independence, relationships, self actulization and spiritual empowerment (to name a few). If you miss one of his Mini Lessons he usually uploads them to his YouTube channel, but not always!

Check him out- trust me, you won't be disappointed (if you can make it past the rambles)! Any mentors you'd like to share? Let me know below, I'd love to check them out myself!

Thanks for reading,

xoxo belly