A Burger In Disguise

Why do hamburger's have to be unhealthy?



I'm always attempting to find a way to make commonly deemed "unhealthy" meals, into healthy ones!

It's exactly that. Anything has the ability to be adapted. Any meal has the ability to make plenty of additions & substitutions. All it really takes is you getting creative and thinking outside of the box with your food!

If you go to a gourmet burger place with your friends but you're worried about consuming a big, greasy, cheesy, unhealthy burger, then change it up! Swap out your greasy beef patty for a veggie or chicken one. Change out the bun for one that's made with whole grains or wrap your burger in lettuce. Skip the cheese and double up on fresh vegetable toppings. Add mustard to your burger instead of mayo.

You shouldn't have to pass up on fun experiences with your friends and family simply because you are "watching what you eat". Yeah, at times it can become annoying, but they're your friends for a reason! They love you and they understand. Plus, it's almost summer so it's on everyone's mind ;)

This is something that has been consistently coming up for me so I thought I should share my experiences. Bottom line - every little bit counts! 

Thanks & healthy hump day ;)

- The Blissful Belly xo