WELCOME Power Yoga Canada Burlington

My yoga journey...


My yoga journey began in twenty twelve when I started working at lululemon Athletica in Oakville. I can still vividly remember how hot, bothered and exhausted I was after taking my first class at the PYC studio. At that very same time, I remember feeling challenged, strong and a new wave of sensations like empowerment and accomplishment. From that day forward I've never looked back and I have been addicted to the hot power yoga practice ever since! 

Twenty thirteen was a very tough year for me and a friend who I had confided in recommended I enroll in the Teacher Training program at PYC since I was already so passionate about the practice. She said it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about myself and change my perspective on certain areas in my life. Teacher Training really helped me to get clear and recognize my limiting thoughts that were stopping me from living my life full-on. 

When I'm not on my mat, you can usually find me in the kitchen working on my website (theblissfulbelly.com), researching new music, reading about hockey or dancing somewhere in the city with my friends! I can't wait to embark on this new journey with pyc Burlington and share my journey into power with this community! Xx