Berry Healthy

Sometimes the struggle of getting to that midweek mark can become a tad more pleasant with the help of an extremely large cup of coffee and a healthy homemade breakfast. As of late I have been living off Liberte 0% lactose free plain greek yogurt and adding a variety of berries & organic honey. It really hits the spot :)

I used to really dislike plain yogurt. I thought it tasted like nothing and I would never eat it willingly. Recently, I've discovered how great this type of yogurt is for your daily health goals. Many brands of yogurt are deceiving, in saying that they contain much health benefits while excluding their sugar content. Personally, I have found that It's much more effective to simply add some sweetness to plain style yogurt then eating the regular sugar packed kind.

A 3/4 cup of plain 0% Liberte plain greek yogurt has only 100 cals, 5gs of sugar and 18gs of protein. BONUS: it's also lactose-free for those sensitive belly's! 

 Sounds pretty good if you ask me :)