Thailand Journey

"This is going to be the longest day ever” is exactly what I thought to myself as I was leaving in sheer panic on my way to the airport. For some reason I always find myself rushing to these things! Nothing is ever calm, cool and collected for me while traveling - it always seems to happen this way at least. My mom was nice enough to drop me off today.. I really felt bad saying good-bye as I won’t be home for Christmas this year (for the first time ever). As much as that saddens me (because I friggen LOVE Christmas), I know that this journey will be far worth while - at least that’s what I hope! 

When I got to departures Terminal 3 the line for China Eastern Airlines was the only one that was jam packed and coincidently, the one I needed to wait in. I had about 1hr 45min to check my luggage, get through customs, grab something to eat, exchange some Thai Baht currency, run to the washroom, etc. and time was ticking more quickly than usual. When I finally got to the front of the 100 person line to check my bags, the woman left with my passport for a quick second and came back telling me I got a free upgrade! YES! Free upgrade? Amazing. That’s probably the best news you could ever hear before departing on a 15 hour foreign flight where no one speaks english. Anyway, I was so rushed to get through customs that I had no time to do any of those tasks mentioned above. In that moment I knew this travel experience was going to be anything but relaxing for me!

I’ve never traveled to Asia before and i’m not going to lie, I was/am a little bit nervous. This is a whole new ballpark for me. I literally know nothing (or very little) about this side of the world and the no one speaks english thing definitely puts things in perspective as to how far it really is away from home. That being said, I got scammed for the first time when I landed in Shanghai (and by scammed I mean I can’t read Chinese). I went to one of the airport cafe's to grab a small coffee before my next flight to Phuket so that I'm able to stay awake like I am right now - it worked! The gentleman who was taking my order handed me the entire menu to pick out the coffee I wanted. I went with the first one “Traditional Drip Coffee”, usually $1-$3 CAN dollars, right? Well, I obviously had no Chinese/Thai Bahts on me because I was unprepared and almost missed my original flight and didn’t have time to stop, remember? So I was left with paying with US because of course they didn’t take Canadian currency. My usual $2.00 drip coffee ended up costing $14.00 US…. FOURTEEN US DOLLARS FOR DRIP COFFEE? Not even a latte or cappuccino? I didn’t even believe the guy but then I heard the other person behind me flipping out because they didn’t know they purchased a $180.00 US glass of wine… Once I heard that I didn’t feel so bad for myself anymore… Things could have been worse - thankfully I didn’t ask for an extra spicy caesar or I would have had to taken out a line of credit! ahah

That’s all of the shenanigans for one day. Traveling 30 hours across the world is no easy task. I remember doing this same distance when I went to Australia, but this seems longer for some strange reason. I’m very eager, excited and anxious to land in Phuket. I am meeting my travel buddy at our resort (Novotel Resort - Patong Beach), but I haven’t seen him in a while so I have some huge belly butterflies going on at the moment. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and experience my first day in Thailand! 

Kylie xoxo