W a n d e r..

that one time in Thailand...

Oh my gooooooodness!! I am very (EXTREMELY) excited to announce that I will be heading to Thailand for Christmas and throughout the month of December!!! It's always been a goal to mine to explore Thailand and South eastern Asia - I honestly can't believe it's actually happening for me this year in 2015. After just starting a job at a new company, I did not foresee traveling anywhere in my immediate future (unless for work). Working for a company that fuels your passions and allows you to work remotely is a driving factor of why I am completely obsessed with my job. 

This is a trip that is completely & 100% out of my comfort zone, but I am so excited to see what sixteen days in Thailand has in store for me... The only down side to this trip is leaving my family over the holidays as it will definitely be a first for me. Regardless, I know that this is an opportunity that I am definitely not willing to pass up and I hope that my family understands my logic behind my decision to travel.

The travel time to Thailand from Toronto totals 21 painful hours - that part I am definitely not pumped about but heres hoping the trip worth it! Back in 2013, I traveled to Australia to visit a couple girlfriends for five weeks and that was a similar flight length (& i somehow managed to make it through)! For this trip I will be flying into Phuket, then traveling along the South eastern Cost of Thailand hitting spots like Krabi, Ko Tao, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, etc. The only plan we have thus far is to hit the famous Full Moon Party in Ko Pha Ngan on December 25th - there's worst ways to spend Christmas, right? Unfortunately for me, I need to somehow make it back to Phuket for my flight home on the 27th @ 2am. Could be cutting it close! Whose idea was it for me to fly home the day after the Full Moon party?! 

Anyways... I'm super eager to get this trip underweigh, just over one month till take off & I wanted to share. <3

Listen to my Thailand soundtrack here: