This week I had the honour of being apart of my friend Geralyn's second "Freedom Feature". I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement that I was asked to be apart of this spot light on inspiration women! Thank you Geralyn for believing in me. You are such a kind hearted soul. Thank you for acknowledging me! xoxo


Check out Geralyn's website @ !!! PS. Geralyn is the person who taught me how to handstand!!! 

Everyday for the next 10 days Geralyn will be featuring women who inspire. Women who strive to help other women succeed. Women who embrace community, connection and sisterhood. Women who share their talents with the world in hopes of inspiring other Women to do the same. Soak it all in and be inspired!

My responses:

WHAT FREEDOM MEANS TO ME: the ability to be open, giving, and accepting of others and myself. To be free is to be without restriction. My sense of [freedom] comes out mostly through my personal creativity when working with my website, my yoga practice, and in my dance moves on the weekends!#alwaysdancing Freedom is subjective. I feel the freest when I am doing something that I am passionate about. When I am in this free space I feel limitless and can see my full possibility. When I am truly free I can show up wherever I am as my true self and be fully expressed- imperfections and all. When I am living in freedom I can get messy, loud, bold, and be powerful without living in the ‘fear of looking good’. 

HOW I CRUSH FEAR: I crush fear by facing it head on (in most cases). When something scares me in my life I try my best to work at it full force until I can master it or become more confident about what it is that scares me. For the longest time I had a fear of writing. I felt that my words weren’t important and I was very embarrassed by anyone and everyone who would read them. I am now in a place of peace with writing and I can happily be on display for the world to see who I am and what I stand for. My website has helped me take a stand for myself and shine through in areas that I once felt insecure. “Your words create your world”. 

MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE AND WHAT IT TAUGHT ME: My biggest obstacle in life is to allow things to happen without trying to control them. It seems I have become someone who likes to have a solid structure and full control of what’s happening in my life at all times. When things do not go as planned, I have to work extra hard on taking a step back from whatever it is that is happening and coming back to my tools- such as breathing, responding vs. reacting, and getting space. My usual instinct is to freak out about the situation and act impulsively, but now my body and breath remind to stay calm, be patient, listen, and respond with compassion. After going through a few life-changing experiences over the course of the past year I have become more in tune with who I am being in my life for myself and for others. Sometimes when my life gets shaken up and things don’t go as ‘planned’ all I can do is stay present and trust that everything will work itself out. This is a daily work in progress for me as I definitely fall back into my old ways from time to time. But, I now have the ability to recognize when I am falling into the place of needing to know the outcome and because of this I can help myself out of trying to always be in control. Trusting the process has always been challenging for me- especially when I tend to dislike the unknowingness of the outcome. At the end of the day I believe that everything truly happens for a reason and whether or not I like the outcome- it is up to me to create my own light, positive energy, and possibility for myself.

I'M THANKFUL FOR: In light of speaking to the present moment- right now in my life I feel the most thankful for my experience of yoga teacher training over the past six months. My yoga-training journey comes to a close tomorrow evening and right now I feel so thankful and light up with so much joy and gratitude for all of the people that I have met, and for the experiences I have undergone throughout the entire process. In the past six months I have learned more about myself, and the person that I want to be for the world throughout every day life. I have become more courageous, confidant, powerful, and positive throughout this whole journey. I have learned how to shift my being into responding versus reacting. I have altered my perspective on the strength that it takes to truly be vulnerable and share parts of myself that I once tried to hide. I am thankful that I had the chance to experience the important learning of being true to myself and acting with authenticity and integrity. I am thankful that I can now feel confident in sharing my passions, hobbies, and goals without hesitation. Mainly the teacher training wasn’t so much about just yoga for me, (although we also learned that). For me, it was a total breakthrough in really seeing how I want to live my life and show up for people. I am thankful that I was able to have this journey and experience all of the ups and downs with so many tremendous people along the way. Ps. The training never stops- this is just the beginning! 

WHAT I VALUE MOST ABOUT ME IS: What I value the most about myself is something that I have just recently discovered over the past few weeks. I recognize that I place a very high value on my ability to connect with different people on all different levels. I enjoy getting to know people. I love to learn about them, ask them questions and ultimately connect with them. I find that I can relate to the majority of people that I talk to on some sort of level. I always tend to be in question and curiosity when interacting with others. Even in my relationships with close friends and family members, I always want to know more about what big things they’re up too and genuinely listen, and show compassion. My relationships with the people I have in my life allow me to feel whole and complete. I believe that this ability of making connection with others has brought me to where I am standing today. It has been a successor for myself in my life and I believe that is has great value, which has contributed to my overall listening and ability to be there for another person.

::: THANKS beauty Kylie for sharing your shine, your website, your recipes and your spirit. Mad love girl! :::