How To:

-Dice A Mango-

Mangos are delicious- BUT they are always a pain in the bum to eat because of the effort and time it takes to cut them... Here are a few simple steps to make your mango cutting go a heck of a lot smoother!



  1. On a cutting board, sit your mango long-side up and have it's stem pointing up towards the ceiling
  2. Using a sharp bladed knife- begin to slice one cheek of the mango (about 1/4 inch from the centre). Repeat this step on the remaining three sides (what you will be left with is mostly the mango seed)
  3. Lightly cut checkerboard slices into the mango without puncturing the mangos flesh. (Cut in a cross-diagonal pattern)
  4. You can now flip the mangos flesh inside out and use a sharp knife to scrape the dices off of the flesh

* Pre dicing your mango and freezing it creates an easy way for storing for the future when wanting to create smoothies and ice creams

Good Luck!