GreenHouse Juice Co.

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     This week I tried Greenhouse Juice Co. for the first time after what feels like forever of anxiously waiting. My girlfriend Hayley had recommended me to try this place out right when it first opened up at the beginning of January.  Thursday was actually the first time I was able to trek down to the corner of Young and McPherson Ave to see what all the fuss was about.

First impression: Out of this world. Starting from the outside- I love the simple white cozy house front as it felt very warm, welcoming, and inviting. The picnic tables outside will make this a great spot to hang for lunch and smoothie dates come spring/summer time. The branding is simplistic, done in black and white but it also screams fresh and bold. When I walked through the doors I had expected the area to be much larger than it was. I was immediately drawn to the fresh organic vegetables hanging overhead of the back wall in wooden crates. I immediately knew that this was a place I would grow quite fond of!

Experience: Waiting to take my order was the lovely Elena who welcomed us with open arms and was delighted to give us the run down on how Greenhouse Juice Co. operates. Elena also offered to sample us every juice they had on hand for that day (they were missing three because they sold out earlier in the day). I was so impressed by her knowledge on every combination of ingredients and nutritional information- I really felt as though she knew what she was talking about! She provided us with an abundance of information on the variety of different Smoothies, Waters, Boosters (shot for a quick hit of health), Cold-Pressed Juices, and Handmade Nut Milks. Elena offered me a hardcopy menu so I could star my favourites after tasting them. At the top of my list were three Cold-Pressed Juices, (East of Eden, Gold Rush, & Rabbit Run) and three Handmade Nut Milks, (Almond Milk, Green Milk, & Pink Milk) although I was not able to try the Brazil Nut Milk, I am sure I would also love that one very much.

Price: The price of the juices range between $7.50-8.50 for 250ml / $10.50-11.50 for 500ml. The Smoothies are $10.00 each for 500ml, Waters are $5.00-$8.00, and the Boosters cost between $3.00-$6.00. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny for all of the flavor and health benefits that each organic juice contains.

What even is cold-pressed juice? Cold-pressed juicing differs from regular/centrifugal juicers because cold-pressed juicing contains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes over those juices created with traditional machines. This is because when a cold-pressed juicer extracts nutrients from produce it does so in a way that is through a gentle, squeezing, and crushing action. Cold-pressed juicers do not oxidize the nutrients in fruits and vegetables because the produce is never exposed to heat. Organic cold-pressed juicing retains the maximum amount of the produces nutrients and the juice is made more pure, raw, and live!

    Overall my first experience at Green House Juice Co. was a solid 10/10. I would recommend this new hot spot to anyone and everyone. I bought five organic juices for myself during my first visit. The only downside is that the juice only stays fresh for 72 hours (3days) so drink it up quick! Bonus…. If you bring back ten finished bottles you get one fresh juice for free! Green House Juice Co. also offers a one day cleanse of 8 juices for $65. Definitely worth looking into if you are in need of some self-cleansing this winter!


Happy Sunday! :)