paleo-ing, again...

Happy hump-day friends!

After being off from school all last week, I realized that my body was craving some good wholesome food and some intense work outs. I went back to CrossFit, ran a couple of times and obviously stayed within my traditional yoga routine.

After feeling the burn one too many times at CrossFit, I decided that I want to keep pursuing the work outs as I have never felt so strong and motivated after only one week! Literally every muscle in my body hurts... and I love it. There is nothing like feeling the accomplishment of completing a WOD. I know that I personally go back and forth with CrossFit, loving it then hating it. But I want to try my best to stay consistent with it and go 2-4 times a week (depending on school) and see what results I can achieve! 

With that said... I want to compliment the work outs with the proper food!

Paleo diet is back!

PS. if you are ever interested in trying out CrossFit- I would love to take you with me for a workout to CrossFit Col. ( I know CrossFit can sometimes feel intimidating but I feel super comfortable there as a girl. 

paleo grocery list.jpg