The Art of Breakfast

Topped with some muesli & warm honey! With some additional apple slices & almond butter on the side

banana pancakes.jpg


  • Mash 1 full banana in a mixing bowl
  • Add two free-range eggs
  • Add one-teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Add half or one full tablespoon of natural almond butter
  • Add one teaspoon flax seeds or ground flax seeds

 Method: Mix all five ingredients together in a large mixing bowl but be sure to mash the banana first. Line your non-stick pan with a light layer of coconut oil and poor the mixture into the pan. Once the mixture has begun to take shape and condense, use a thin spatula to push up one side of the pancake so that the liquid can fill in that spot and spread out evenly. One once side is cooked through, flip the pancake and allow it to cook on the opposite side. Once both sides are fully cooked top your fresh pancake with natural agave, fresh fruit, unsweetened coconut shreds, or almond butter!