The Art of Breakfast:

Classic version of overnight oatmeal

classic oats.jpg

Even though this is "breakfast", tonight it's my dessert!


  • one half cup quick organic oats
  • one medium sized banana
  • one teaspoon cinnamon
  • three-forths cup unsweetened almond milk
  • one teaspoon natural raw almond butter
  • one teaspoon natural agave 

Method: Use a fork to mash your ripe banana in a medium sized container or mason jar. Add your oats, cinnamon, almond butter, and agave into the container or jar. Lastly mix all the ingredients together with your added almond milk. Place your mixture into the refrigerator overnight and allow the mixture to become absorb by the variety flavours and create a thicker consistency.

Remove from the refrigerator in the morning and top with some shredded coconut, coconut sugar, stevia, or fresh fruit!